Western NC Quilt Trails

Appalachian culture and the old-fashioned mountain way of life is often celebrated in Yancey and Mitchell Counties through a variety of annual events and traditions, but perhaps the most noticeable homage to the families of long ago is the amazing Quilt Trail that can be seen in Mitchell, Yancey and neighboring counties. The Quilt Trail in Western North Carolina is the largest Quilt Trail in the USA, with more quilt blocks showcased on the sides of old barns and old homesteads than anywhere else in the USA. Six counties in the area host quilt blocks, and most are found near the Burnsville NC vacation rentals at Alpine Village Townhomes.

So what exactly is a barn quilt and how did the Quilt Trail get started? Donna Sue Groves of Ohio thought of the idea years ago when she honored her late mother by displaying a quilt patterned block on her old barn. Today, more than 24 states have Quilt Trails and the one nearby in the NC Mountains is especially large. In and around Burnsville and Bakersville, you will see numerous examples of the barn quilts as you travel down the county’s roads and scenic byways. Also in Burnsville is the newly constructed Sundial barn quilt, which was recently unveiled in downtown Burnsville NC is a special commemorative block. The Sundial was installed on Friday, March 19, 2010, exactly 100 years after standard time zones were put into effect. On Saturday, March 20, it was dedicated, which also holds significance because this day was National Quilting Day, and the first day of spring. The Sundial in Burnsville displays the local solar time, Eastern Standard Time and Eastern Daylight Time. The design of the Sundial is mathematically correct and has special significance. The stars at the top of the Sundial are as they were in history on the first day Yancey County was founded: December 29, 1833. The gnomon points to Polaris, which is the North Star. The Sundial Quilt Block in Burnsville NC is the world’s first quilt block sundial, and the largest vertical sundial in the state of North Carolina. A special piece, the Sundial block is also the 150th quilt block on this Quilt Trail.

Want to see some of the barn quilts that are a part of the Appalachian Quilt Trail? There are nine unique driving trails that will take you to the various painted barn quilts that are found on the Quilt Trail in Western NC. You can grab a map at the Yancey County Chamber of Commerce. In addition to the numerous barn quilts and the fun Quilt Trail that you can follow along to see them, Burnsville NC is also home to the Quilt Trails Gift Shop, which is located in the Yancey County Chamber of Commerce. Also, there are two special quilting shops in Burnsville NC and many other craft galleries and shops throughout the areas around Alpine Village Townhomes vacation rentals in Western NC. Burnsville NC also plans to host two road rallies in 2010 to draw attention to the Appalachian Quilt Trail and blocks. The two are slated for June 26, 2010, and November 5, 2010. Hopefully, these events will continue to be an annual happening!

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